International Real Estate Advisory Network Ltd
 Bob Hall
Mr Bob Hall practised in the City of London as a solicitor (now retired) dealing with commercial property and real estate issues. For 20 years he was a partner with the first truly international law firm, Baker & McKenzie. For the last 10 years, he has contributed significantly to the work of the UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) helping transition economy countries deal with emerging real estate issues. Mr Hall was the UK Government’s Representative to the previous  UNECE Working Party on Legal & Commercial Practice and its Chairman and as Chairman since inception of UNECE’s Real Estate Advisory Group (REAG)
After 17 years as a member of the London Borough of Haringey, Mr Hall was elected to the City of London Corporation in 1995, representing the Ward of Farringdon Within, first as a councillor since 2002 as its Alderman.
He is a founder director of the International Real Estate Advisory Network Ltd (IntREAN) initiative. The Initiative is designed to use the extensive experience, knowledge and capabilities resident within the UK’s property market to assist developing and transition economies to create their own markets.
 Brian Emmott
Brian Emmott has been involved in the operational side of the Banking & Finance Industry for over 40 years and has been involved with the development of electronic banking, finance and commerce from its infancy with Chemical Bank (now JP Morgan Chase) and GE Information Services. He acted as Project Manager for UNECE Real Estate Advisory Group (REAG) for developing the real estate markets of Developing and Transition Economies within Central & Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CEE&CIS), with particular focus on the Russian Federation. His work has also involved advising policy to the Russian Government for Affordable and Social Housing and PPP/PFI.
Much of this work also has applications in Developed Economies where home ownership has not been as common. It also includes innovative ways of providing banking and financial services, mortgages, insurance, etc. for specific cultural, religious or other requirements using the latest technology and communications.
He was a founder and Director of The Terre Initiative, which operated under the auspices of UNECE.
He is a founder director of the International Real Estate Advisory Network Ltd (IntREAN) initiative. The Initiative is designed to use the extensive experience, knowledge and capabilities resident within the UK’s property market to assist developing and transition economies to create their own markets.
 Prakash Jani
Prakash Jani has been active in the e-commerce field for the last 20 years. He had 28 years career at Barclaycard credit card division of Barclays Bank, during which he held senior management positions. He has been involved in all aspects of credit/debit card acquiring, technology and business and was panel member of smart card development in the U.K. He is proficient in the e-commerce field of B2C and B2B, and was Chief Executive Officer of AUM Electronic Commerce Ltd who specialises in the provision of credit card payment engines to retailers and blue chip companies.
Over the past 5 years, he has been involved in projects with The Terre Initiative who worked under the auspices of The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, based in Geneva, who has a Real Estate Advisory Group (REAG) that is working with the transition economies of Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CEE & CIS) to help them develop their real estate markets.
He is a founder director of the International Real Estate Advisory Network Ltd (IntREAN) initiative. The Initiative is designed to use the extensive experience, knowledge and capabilities resident within the UK’s property market to assist developing and transition economies to create their own markets. His recent work involved project management and setting up an International Forum in Ukraine on behalf of the UN Commission for Europe’s Real Estate Advisory Group (UNECE REAG).
 Douglas Prentice

Douglas is a personal finance industry professional with 25 years experience including 12 years Russian experience.  Specialist in personal finance with specific Russian work experience and expertise in:

•	Residential mortgages – product development, marketing, refinance
•	Pensions – product design, investment management, marketing
•	Life insurance – product design, reinsurance, investment management, guaranteed funds, sales & marketing
•	Savings & investments – savings, portfolio management, private client portfolio management
•	Residential property development finance

He has worked extensively in Russia since 1992. 

Corporate clients have included Avtovaz, Sogaz, Lukoil Insurance Group PSK, Rossiya, Yakor, Trans Sib Re and many other regional insurance companies.

Individual clients include Russian clients and exapts arranging life insurance, savings plans, pensions, mortgages.

His work extends to the EU Tacis project to the All Russia Insurance Union as Life Insurance expert, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, arranging staff pension scheme and rebroking group life, health & PA scheme.  He also advised on a staff mortgage scheme. He was consultant to Delta Credit on development of new types of mortgage products, refinance mechanisms and marketing.

From 2003-4 he was Official Representative of the UN Economic Commission for Europe Real Estate Advisory Group in Russia directed to assisting development of the residential real estate & mortgage markets in Russia. He possesses extensive connections & practical work experience with mortgage banks operating in Moscow (Western & Russian), with property developers, builders, and property investment funds.  

He has extensive connections with Russian government bodies such as Ministry of Economic Development, All Russia Regional Development Bank, Ministry of Finance, Gostroi.

He is a founder director of the International Real Estate Advisory Network Ltd (IntREAN) initiative.
 Dickson Brown
For the last 30 years, Dickson Brown has been involved in global investment banking and finance, specializing in financial derivatives, mortgages and real estate.
From 1968 – 85, he was a member of the Citibank Investment Banking Group working in London, New York, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Australia. He established his own derivatives company in 1985 and formed a joint venture with Mitsui bank of Japan in 1989. Mitsui bought the company from Mr Brown in 1995 at which time it had 100 professionals with offices in New York, London, Hong Kong and Tokyo.
Since then, Mr Brown has been involved with many businesses and charitable organizations on a consultancy basis.
Over the last 5 years, Mr Brown has advised US and international groups on the following housing, hotel and tourist projects:
1. The rebuilding of 4 war damaged hotels in Croatia from Split to Dubrovnic.
2.  The Subic Bay Development Corporation with regard to the development of an international resort /eco-tourism and a major passenger ship destination terminal.
3.   Evaluation of 2 hotels on Calusa Island in Western Florida.
4.  Privatization of the Japanese Urban Development Corporation with a major international consulting group.
Mr Brown has given papers to the International Real Estate and Banking Finance Conferences in Rome, Brussels and London.
 Chris Bennett
Chris Bennett is a Fellow of the Institute of Management, Accredited Mediator and a Member of the Royal Geographical Society. After service in the Royal Navy his career has been in both the public and private sectors; in management, as consultant and entrepreneur.
He established a PC graphics software company; worked on UK privatisation projects with KPMG; set up the first UK Government Know How Fund (later DFID) project in Russia; established the first western standard life assurance company in Russia with European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and private sector investment; designed and delivered executive development programs for Russian bankers; and wrote research reports on housing mortgage markets in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Hungary and Poland.
He is a founder of The Terre Initiative, a not for profit company under the auspices of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). Launched in July 1998 in The Guildhall of the Corporation of the City of London by the Executive Secretary of UNECE and the Secretary-General of the EBRD, Terre supports strategic economic stability and international links with Transition Economies through the development of real estate markets, addressing issues of law, property registration, banking, insurance, finance, construction and management.
Terre's first Conference was in Prague April 1999, hosted by the Mayor. Delegates included HRH Prince Michael of Kent, government ministers and officials and leaders of industry and commerce from Western and Eastern Europe. He since undertook projects in Lithuania, Ukraine and the Czech Republic.
He is also studying a Master's Degree in Environmental Strategy at Surrey University.
 Kevin Smith
Kevin is a banker by profession, having worked for many years in the City of London for a number of international banks. He has a wide range of experience in most aspects of corporate banking and the finance of international trade, with a particular focus on trade, project and other forms of structured finance including Public Private Partnerships, as well as sourcing equity.
He has focussed on Central & Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union for some 11 years having worked on transactions in many different sectors and worked with a number of Governments throughout the region during that time.
In 1996 Kevin established AWS Corporate Finance & Consultancy in order to capitalize on experience and contacts made during a successful international banking career. The main activity of AWS is advising corporates on a wide range of banking and financing matters in Central and Eastern Europe.
In 1999 he was seconded to the British Government where he was responsible for all aspects of finance in Central Europe and the Baltic States. This role included promoting the City of London and assisting British companies in these markets. He worked closely with senior political figures in many of the Governments and senior representatives of the financial community.
Kevin is now Managing Director of AWS Structured Finance Ltd where he will continue to draw upon the wide and detailed knowledge and contacts he has developed over the years.
He is a member of the newly founded Guild of International Bankers in the City of London and is a regular speaker at seminars in the UK and overseas on trade and structured finance and author of many published articles on a range of subjects for professional publications
 Dave Sharp
Dave Sharp is a highly experienced and respected land registration specialist with 29 years' accumulated expertise working both in the Land Register of Scotland and extensively overseas.
He is closely acquainted with both the legal and spatial data aspects of land registration with qualifications in both disciplines. Has accumulated a wide understanding and knowledge of international land registration and cadastre organizations, having worked with or visited land administration organizations in England, Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden, Russia, Georgia, Armenia, the Kyrgyz Republic, Portugal, Ireland, Moldova, Croatia, Slovenia, Greece, Macedonia, Dubai, Thailand, Cambodia, Malta, Albania, China, Jamaica, Panama, India, Lithuania, Austria, France, Denmark, Italy, Bulgaria, Peru, Serbia, Brazil, the Ukraine and the United Arab Emirates. As a result, possesses substantial recent knowledge of global land reform most particularly in Eastern Europe, the Caucasian and Central Asian republics of the former Soviet Union and South East Asia.
He served as Secretary General of the E.U. European Land Registers Association from 2005 to 2007.