This UK instigated Network is a group of practitioners (corporate, Individual and Associations) all of whom have extensive experience in unlocking the economic resources in land and property and all belong to one of the 6 pillars that make up a property market. The Network will not just include indigenous UK organisations, but also those international organisations that choose to operate out of the UK.
We divide the property market into “6 Pillars” that support the market:
The Network will propagate and develop contacts with their counterparts in transition and developing economies (particularly focusing upon entrepreneurial companies and individuals) with a view to encouraging and helping those people to form local Common Interest Groups (CIGs) whose aim is, with the direct assistance of IntREAN members, to make progress in developing their property markets and instigating actual projects and learning by direct experience how to overcome the pitfalls.
Well-established property rights (from which various forms of home tenure and ownership develop) form the foundation of a country’s economy and a healthy financial system. Despite the sophistication and scale of developed country’s capital market, mortgages remain its cornerstone. Moreover, creation of a “homeowner class” is one of the surest methods to help a society achieve long-term economic growth and political stability.
The Network will work with any organisation involved with developing property markets internationally. It is building upon the work carried out since 1997 with the UN Economic Commission for Europe and their Real Estate Advisory Group (UNECE REAG).
The Network’s Mission Statement is:
To help the development of functioning property markets in transitional and developing countries by facilitating access to expertise and experience within the UK and other developed real estate markets.
The main benefits of joining the Network are:
·      To be able to work with all the other participants within the 6 Pillars of the property market to enhance and influence the development of property markets in transition and developing economies.
·      To also enable companies to participate in the development of these markets without the necessity of immediately entering these markets but helping to create the environments for future involvement of their products and services should they wish.
·      Ideal and cost-effective way of demonstrating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) on an international basis.
How to join the Network
For the Network to be effective it should have a large and broad membership from all parts of the property market. We are now offering Membership as Sponsors, Full Members, SME Members and Associate Membership on a reciprocal basis to like-minded organisations.
The Objectives of the Network are:
·      To raise the awareness of the economic and social benefits that a fully functioning real estate market can bring to a country, its businesses and individuals.
·      To ensure that the UK and other countries experience is available to those who wish to draw on it.
·      To encourage the establishment of Property Market Common Interest Groups (CIGs) in transitional and developing countries affiliated to the International Network.
·      To raise the standard of education, training and qualifications in their property markets
·      To strengthen the institutions, professional and regulatory bodies in their markets
·      To help overcome inertia and vested interests in transition and developing economies property markets
The Activities of the Network are divided into four sections:
−in depth paper on UK Market
When funded
−Seminars, Intl. Forum
As appropriate
−Bench Mark Surveys
As appropriate
−UK Embassies, etc
−Common Interest Groups
As appropriate
−UN Global Compact
Joined May 2007
−UN High Level Commission on Legal Empowerment of the Poor
−Education, Training & Qualification Programme (3 Stages)
As appropriate, target Poland
July 2007
−International Certificate
South Africa 2007
2nd half 2007
−Demonstrator Project (Urban or Rural Villages)
International Real Estate Advisory Network Ltd